Sunday, March 4, 2012

Boys DIY Cut-offs

   The following post is weird for two reasons 1)It's still very much winter in many parts of the Country, and 2)This is so simple that I almost feel like making a post about it is lame. This seems like something that would have dawned on me a lot sooner, but doing this never entered my brain until I needed to buy some new shorts for my kiddo last summer. I just didn't like what was available at Target/Kohl's/Macy's etc. I popped into an HM that had a kid's section and found the cutest cut-off shorts, but they wanted like $20 bucks! Finally the light bulb switched on and I realized I had about 3 pairs of holey jeans that I could turn into cut-offs. Went home; got the scissors, and voila! super cute, classic cut-offs for my Boy. I kick myself for not doing it sooner - all the pairs of jeans I've thrown out over the years, ugh -  now I feel like I'm at least getting double duty out of these jeans that he seems to grow out of or wear through quickly. The only reason I'm even posting about this is because when my Aunt saw his cut-offs she asked me where I got them and I told her I made them - I saw the light bulb go off in her too. Even those of you with girls - Today I saw Target put out their girls cut-offs for $14.99 I think? Go to the thrift store pick up some jeans and make them yourself! You'll save money and you'll have some custom cut-offs. Often times the simple stuff is overlooked so if this helps even one person than I'm happy. I made a pair today so I thought I'd photograph the before and after.

He did rock the "grungy" jeans look for a bit, but the hole got a little too big so shorts they became.
This is supposed to be his sad face.

Cut at the center of the hole, use the cut piece as a guide for the other leg and done. After a few washes it'll be nice and frayed.
And this is his happy face

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  1. Cute kid! I've also only recently cut my first pair of old jeans into shorts. I love love love them. I even wore them this winter with some tights. also... I sometimes leave the house looking like a crazy person.