Sunday, December 18, 2011

Black hole aka shopping mall parking lot

   Day's like this I thank Jeebus we have the Internet. The shopping Gods were not in my favor today. Yeah, I know it's the Sunday before Christmas but damn it was ca-ra-zy out there. Lots of honking and finger flippin' a plenty. At one point I tried to go to Old Navy, after circling the parking lot for about 15 minutes I gave up and left. I made my way to Target only to realize I left my purse at home which contained my Red card and a gift card I had. I still had my debit card in my back pocket so I stopped at a Ross on the way home, found a super cute jacket only to put it back once I saw that the checkout line wrapped all the way around to the back of the store. I think I managed to check maybe one person off of my list. So I wouldn't feel completely defeated I managed to find a few things on Amazon and make my list a bit smaller - It's probably what I should have done from the beginning and saved myself the headache and some gas.
   One highlight from today was my lunch. I took advantage of Cheesecake Factory's curbside pickup and ordered a Salad w/Chicken - I know, what's so special about a chicken salad? Well, not much. BUT their ranch dressing is off the hook! Yes, I said off the hook (Are kids still saying that?) I forgot how good their ranch is. I can't be certain, but I'm fairly positive that they put crack in it. Why else then would I be at this very moment craving ranch dressing? It's the crack I tell ya!!

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