Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 18

  Thank you Mr. Schwan guy! You must know I'm a total sucker because I bought stuff from you even though I wasn't planning on it, didn't place an order online and didn't call you directly. What I should have done was politely said "Thanks, but no thanks." No, instead I feel bad that you took the time to walk the 10 feet from the curb to my door in the chilly night to ask if I needed anything. Of course I don't need anything hence why I didn't place an order, but feeling bad for no apparent reason whatsoever I cave and buy some carb comfort pecan ice cream and broccoli w/cheese...Both are actually pretty darn good. Damn you Schwan know me too well.

Here's what passed my lips today:

Breakfast: Running really late this morning forgot I had to help out my Son's teacher this morning. Managed to grab half a bagel w/cream cheese on the way out.

Lunch: Went to El Pollo Loco with the work crew. Had yummy grilled chicken with Salad. Their cilantro dressing is super yummy I need to find a recipe.

Dinner: My Mom cooked a turkey and brought over a whole spread (of mostly stuff I can't eat). Luckily, I bought the broccoli from the Schwan dude. Had Turkey with a little gravy and Broccoli.

Dessert: 1 serving of the ice cream. It's surprisingly good, creamy and no funky aftertaste.

Snacked on nuts and sunflower seeds. Lots of Green Tea today too.

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