Monday, December 5, 2011

Weigh In! Day 22

  Well I'm posting my results early today because today is my planned cheat day and I'm not planning on doing a daily menu for my junk food. Why a cheat day on a Monday? Because it's the farthest day until my next weigh in and I plan on still having a loss this week. I wasn't intending on cheating today but I've been stalled since last Wednesday - I know boo-hoo not really a true stall for most but for me it is. So I'm doing this today and we'll see what happens. If it's a disaster it'll never happen again. So...really, this is an experiment of sorts to see how my body reacts after 3 weeks of having not even a single bite of off diet food. And let me tell ya, I started this cheat day off with a bang - A client delivered mini bundt cakes called Bundtini's that were Heavenly. I had a red velvet, my absolute favorite. Pure yum.

  Dang it, I forgot to take a pic of my TV screen this morning. I keep meaning to take a snaphot of my Wii screen but forgot again. Big surprise.

 Now...Drum roll please...I lost 3lbs! Total of 15lbs since I started on the 14th of November.

Hope everyone had a Wonderful Weekend. Weather's been GORGEOUS here in the Bay Area.


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