Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Month In! Plus a rant...

   So it's been a month of low carbing and far so good. I'm down 15lbs; I feel great. This is probably the most will power I've had since I originally did a version of Atkins back in 2004ish. For the most part it's been smooth sailing, but there were times when the cravings were very intense. A few times I tried to talk myself into binging and then throwing it all up. If it weren't for the fact that I hate throwing up I probably would have. I've never had an eating disorder, but I understand that whole mental dilemma that you go through when trying to convince yourself to do something deep down you know is not good for you. Food is a powerful drug, it really is.

  Now onto my rant

     I love children - I really do, but some kids are assholes. There is a child in my son's class who will remain nameless just in case any Parents from my son's class happen to stumble upon my blog - I'll let them figure out who I'm talking about. This child has behavior problems going back to Kindergarten, I'm talkin' hitting, punching, cursing, stealing YES stealing all at the ripe old age of 6. Today I volunteered in class and I observed this child walking all around the classroom while all the other kids were sitting criss-cross applesauce on the carpet. She walked in and out of the classroom looking to see if her friends were coming. She walked up to the Teacher's desk where I was sitting and began rifling through paper's on the desk until I told her to go back to the carpet - she walked away in a huff stomping her feet all the way. While all this was going on, the student teacher (Regular Teacher was out sick) told her multiple times to sit down obviously to no avail. I've observed this behavior on numerous occasions but it's like no one wants to confront her or her Mother.
    I've had some interaction with the Mother in the past and she's either in total denial or she's batshit crazy because her kid is a fucking brat. From what I've heard partly from her and other parents is that she blames the Teachers and staff for not being nurturing and patient enough with her child. This whole situation is sad because it's not the child's fault her parents have screwed her up so bad, but she is such a disruption that it's also not fair to ALL of the other kids that are there to learn. This girl can be really sweet when she wants to, but when she doesn't get her way all hell breaks loose. What is supposed to happen in this situation? What really can the Teacher and Principal do? It seems as if their hands are tied, or at least that's the way they're acting. It's such a shame.
  My son's no angel; he talks out of turn, he's super hyper, and he easily loses focus, but he's nowhere near this level of disruptive destruction. If this girl isn't pregnant by the time she's 15 I'd be surprised.

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