Wednesday, January 25, 2012


   Is there some kind of surgery that turns taste buds off? If so, sign me up! I know I said I'd be back on track on Tuesday but it never happened. I'm still a bit sick so I can blame some of it on that, but really I'm just so lazy right now. I have no desire to cook - it's currently much more appealing to order in or eat whatever my Husband makes (Which is usually not low carb and seriously lacking in the greenery department).
     I wish I could say I'm fat because "X" happened or because I eat when I'm angry/sad/glad etc. because then maybe I could address it and move on. But isn't it possible that I'm fat because I just love the way unhealthy stuff tastes? I mean, I know all the health benefits of eating healthy I even feel better physically when I do, but I sometimes find the whole process of preparing and consuming said meals quite daunting. My brain is constantly telling me what I'd rather be having...That little voice is usually very convincing. Even my usual modes of motivation: blogging, thrifting, crafting are feeling like chores to me. I hate it! I need to get out of this funk!! I'm not sure how to move on from here but I don't plan on giving up just yet.

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