Tuesday, January 3, 2012


     Here I am jumping on the resolution bandwagon. I never usually make these because, well obviously I tend to break them (Hello, that’s why I’m fat!) But since I’ve started blogging, and there’s that whole accountability aspect of it that I keep bringing up – I’m going to go ahead and make a list:
  1.     Lose weight. Well, it’s a given but since it’s the main motivation behind this blog it does belong on my list. 
  2. Start an Etsy store to hawk my wares. This is MAJOR. I’m running out of space in my house and there is simply no reason for me to hold onto vintage clothing items that are size 2 – I will never be a size 2. Plus, I’ve been thrifting like crazy lately and I need to support my habit.
  3. Get serious about saving money. I work for a small start-up so I get a paycheck and nothing else. Thank Jeebus for my live-in lover Husband’s union or I wouldn’t even have health care.
  4. Learn how to properly use my DSLR camera. I think I’ve taken auto mode as far as it can go. 
  5.  Be More active outdoors. Notice, I didn’t say exercise more ;p
  6.  ...And last but not least; Dress up more. This is a weird one for me. Day to day I tend to be t-shirt and jeans. Not because I don’t have a desire to dress up (and by dress up I mean be little more put together) At my current weight I have no desire to draw attention to myself. I flat out refuse to even buy clothing at this size because I feel like I’m giving in to this weight – so I end up recycling the same old tired outfits all the time. I’m definitely not one of those “I’m fat and I’m proud!” chicks that are embracing every roll and curve. I am starting to not care as much about what other people thinkI even wore a dress for New Years which I NEVER do, but I’m much more comfortable in my skin at a lower weight; That I know for sure.

Well, I think there is enough here to keep me pretty busy. If the World doesn't swallow us all up - I think I might have a good shot at powering through these. Here's to 2012 and hoping we all reach at least one of our goals this year!

I found this pic online and I think it pretty much sums up blogging to a tee, ha!

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