Monday, January 2, 2012

Well Hello There 2012!

  Happy New Year, Folks! I hope everyone rang in the new year exactly how they wanted. We had a little get together at our house, mostly family and a few friends. It was nice because we so rarely get a chance to get the whole lot of us together (From my Dad’s side – immediate family.) We all have such busy day to day lives that we hardly ever get a chance to sync up, so yeah that made New Year’s that much more special. We busted out the old fire pit, hooked the kids up with long pointy sticks and marshmallows and let them go to town – The adults got to wash it all down with plenty of booze…Good times.

  My diet for the last two weeks was pretty much an EPIC fail. I had planned on just indulging on the two Holidays, but about two days into my vacation I said ‘Fuck it’ and ate like I was in a competitive eating contest every day – Yeah, pretty bad. I’m pretty sure I’ve gained about 5 or 6 pounds back. Oh well - Back on track today, right?!

In between boozin’ I took some pics ;p

My little nut.  
Hubs and my Uncle
Aunt and Uncle
My Little Bro and my Step-Dad
Me and Laurence Fishburne my Dad, he really does look like LB in person not so much here.

Yes, this is my little brother with a pack of Fireworks in one hand and another one inching closer to his face. He's Autistic and tends to 'zero in' on objects, anyone with an autistic relative knows what that means.  I probably should have stepped in at this moment instead of worrying about getting a good pic, LOL. FYI he's fine the sparkler didn't get any closer than that.
This pic pretty much sums up the night, lots of empty booze cups and plenty of munchies. This is CA and we do have an unusually high amount of Medical Marijuana scrips in our family so munchies are a must hehe.

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