Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Workout Story in Pictures and Words...

  Once upon a time there lived a family of "Losers". Mother loser despised all conventional forms of exercise and searched high and low for unconventional ways to enjoy time with her family and get their bodies moving. Then, she discovered Sky High. A magical place of many, many connected trampolines.

Lots of fun was had by the entire Loser family and their friends.

 Looking for further enjoyment the Loser family headed to "The Pit". The pit is also a magical place - a place where you can run, jump and fly through the air. But beware, the pit is also a dangerous place with many rules that if not followed will leave you in regret. The littlest Loser tried with all of his might to do a flip, but always came up short.

Mr. Loser was determined to teach his little one this awesome move. But, Mr. Loser didn't think he needed to follow any stinkin' rules so he jumped and flew how he saw fit.

In went Mr. Loser like an arrow through the wind straight to the bottom of the HARD pit floor...CLUNK! BANG! BOINK!

Don't worry folks, Mr. Loser is just fine. No broken bones. Just really, really sore. Leaving the pit bruised and battered but with humility in tact.

Pit 1 - Mr. Loser 0.

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