Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 10

   Can I just curl up in a ball and sleep through the entire day tomorrow? It's one thing to pass up some naan or a scone, but an entire Holiday centered around food - pure torture. Especially since I have this intense relationship with mashed potatoes; very love hate. We're currently broken up at the moment but I have a tendency to fall for it's buttery charm. I will try and be strong, but I'm not going to lie I've already begun trying to figure how I can turn this day into a "Planned Cheat Day"...It's pure insanity. I don't even really like turkey and stuffing, but I'm going crazy because I know I can't have it. I wish I could just look at food as purely a fuel source. Life would be so much easier. I spend so much of my day concentrating on food, even more now that I'm dieting. It really is like having an addiction - I suppose I'll be going "cold turkey" this Thanksgiving. Sorry, I had too...

Here's what passed my lips today:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with Sharp cheddar cheese, coffee

Lunch: Half a CK Bagel Chicken Breast Sandwich

Dinner: Chinese Chicken Salad

Snacked on Carrots, nuts and had some coconut bark.

Enjoy the day with your family and friends...



  1. Why don't u plan a streamlined cheat such as turkey (no gravy), salad, a non casserole veggie dish (make it if you know it won't be served) and one glass of wine and fruit salad for dessert. I would also take a ton of raw and steamed veggies to munch on as apps.
    Wish u all the strength.
    Thank you for visiting my blog by the way.

  2. you're so funny. I love mashed potatoes too. I don't think I want to break up with him. Well, just don't see him so often you'll be fine. You're so disciplined in your diet, wish you good health and happiness. Happy thanksgiving!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way!