Friday, November 18, 2011

Here Piggy piggy...

    My Son just recently celebrated his 7th B-day. He decided MONTHS ago that he was going to have a pinata for his b-day. About a month ago he decided that he wanted an "Angry Birds" pinata. I explained to him that it would make more sense to make a pig since that's the point of the game, to knock out the pigs -because pinatas have to make sense, right? This was my first time making a pinata and probably my last. I see why people just buy them; I was picking plaster of Paris out of my hair and nails for days! No...kidding, it wasn't really that bad. I'll spare you the details of the process, but I'll list what I used to make it.

Plaster of Paris 
1 Large Punch Balloon
Green Crepe Paper
Felt  (Light Green and Black)
Tape  (I think I used Duct because I couldn't find the painters)
Newspaper strips
Wire Hangar
Styrofoam Cups (Ears, Eyes, Nose)
Glue (For the felt)
Crown - Found that foam shape at the dollar store

Oh I had also planned to make Angry Birds masks for the kids to wear while they beat the living daylights out of this Pinata, but only managed to get one done in time so I scrapped that idea. If you get time to do that it's really cute and plays into the whole theme really well.

Depending on what you already have at home, you can get this done for well under $10 bucks!

(The head looks kind of caved in on the right, it wasn't. Just a weird angle of the photo)

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