Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yummy, yummy yogurt!

   Greek yogurt is all the rage right now. For good reason – it’s all kinds of good for you.  I was never a real big yogurt eater before, but since low carbing and my limited options I’ve started eating it again. When I first tried Greek yogurt I nearly puked. It tasted like I was eating really thick sour cream – don’t get me wrong I love me some sour cream, just not for breakfast. I tried to like it: added fruits, nuts, peanut butter, syrups all kinds of different things looking for that awesome combination that tasted like store bought yogurt. Not until I found Nature's Hollow SF spreads did I find that perfect culmination of yum. 

Here’s what I do: 

Take 1 heaping ¼ cup of Greek Yogurt (I use Full Fat or 2% Fage whichever I can find) I Tbsp. of SF jam (Usually Strawberry or Mountain Berry) and because I like my yogurt fairly sweet I add 1 drop of EZ-Sweetz (Liquid Splenda) and voila! Yummy sugar free yogurt. From here you can add fruit, nuts, chocolate whatever your little heart desires. 

You can find Nature's Hollow Jam at Sprout Markets or online at
EZ Sweetz you can find on

                                          Easy Peasy Breakfast....  


  1. I <3 greek yogurt! Your combo sounds yummy!

  2. Thanks! I didn't always love it, but I do now:)