Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I recently discovered Pinterest – I know, a little late to the game – welcome to my life! I was discovering all kinds of new interesting recipes and crafts it was great…I click to join, need an invite. Okay, gotta be one of the cool kids to join. I wait patiently, a few days to get my official invite – oh joy! I start imagining all the wonderful images I will begin to pin, comments I will post then BAM! STOP! DO NOT PASS GO! you need to have a FB or Twitter to join. 
     Holy hell, SERIOUSLY! Now, I know I brought this on myself being one of the only if not THEE ONLY 29 year old living in the Silicon Valley with neither. I have my reasons. I had a stalker in High School - No joke. I’ve been fairly private ever since. Yes, starting a blog sharing my inner most thoughts isn’t exactly living in a shack out in the middle of the woods, but a girls gotta have something. I’ve started a blog at least half a dozen times before quickly deleting it; so the fact that this blog has been live for 3 days and counting is HUGE for me…but I digress…WTF Pinterest show some love for us anti-social people. If you’re reading this – which you’re probably not but whatever – rethink your policy. I’ve googled things, it’s not pretty for you. Many people in my position. Show us some love, Pinterest. Show us some love...

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