Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 4

   Do you ever just forget to eat? I definitely had planned to eat breakfast this morning; put it all together in my head as I was driving home from my Son's school. I got home, fed the dogs, made myself coffee and started working on my laptop. 9:30am rolls around and I realize I need to pack up and head to the office. I chug down my coffee and go to work. Around noon the hunger shakes creeped in and it was that exact moment that I realize I never did eat breakfast. Of course by then I'm ravenous. I somehow managed to only eat my low carb burger and never once reached for my bosses fries - and they were waffle fries, WAFFLE FRIES!!

Breakfast: Coffee

Lunch: Lettuce wrapped mushroom swiss burger (Yes, it's as messy as you imagine)

Dinner: My breakfast that I had planned. Leftover taco meat with scrambled eggs and cheese wrapped in a low carb tortilla (I use Mission Low Carb Tortillas)

Snacked on Carrots/Hummus, Sunflower seeds and nuts.

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